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Paint Protection Film (PPF)

PPF is an invisible, self healing layer of protection between your cars paint and things that can damage it, providing you with peace of mind on the open road

How it works

XPEL Ultimate+

Layer 1 (0.5 mils)

This layer almost works like magic. Thanks to this layer, when light scratches appear on your car, some simple heat from sunlight will realign the chemical structure of the layer back to a smooth surface. You now have a self healing car.

Self healing
Chemical Resistant
High gloss or Matte finish
Layer 2 (6.0 mils)

This layer is the real heavy lifter of the PPF. In this layer, damage from rock chips and other debris are lessened through the use of energy dispersion. It will also act as a sacrificial barrier for deeper scratches meaning that you'll be able to just peal the damage right off.

Energy Absorbant
Rock chip protection
Deep Scratch Protection
Layer 3 (1.1 mils)
Acrylic Adhesive

The adhesive layer helps bond the polyurethane layer to the car incredibly well, but still provides enough flexibility during the application process to get into tough to reach areas, making it seamless to the naked eye when applied correctly.

incredible strength
Chemical Resistant
Highly workable

Our PPF packages

We provide a range of options designed to suit different types of drivers and budgets.

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Front Bumper
Starts at $450
  • - Front Bumper
  • - Headlights
  • - Fog Lights (if applicable)
  • - Mirror Caps
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Partial Front
Starts at $800
  • - Front Bumper
  • - Partial Hood
  • - Partial Fender
  • - Headlights
  • - Fog Lights (if applicable)
  • - Mirror Caps
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Full Front
Starts at $1500
  • - Front Bumper
  • - Full Hood
  • - Full Fender
  • - Fog Lights (if applicable)
  • - Headlights
  • - Mirror Caps
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High Impact
Starts at $2500
  • - Full Hood
  • - Front Bumper
  • - Full Front Fenders
  • - Headlights
  • - Fog Lights (if applicable)
  • - Mirror Caps
  • - Front Edge of Roof
  • - A-Pillars
  • - Splash Guards
  • - Rear Splash Guards
  • - Rear Bumper Deck (certain applications)
  • - Rockers
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Full Vehicle
Starts at $5000
  • - Full Hood
  • - Full Fenders
  • - Full Roof
  • - Full Doors
  • - Front Bumper
  • - Rear Bumper
  • - Full Pillars
  • - Headlights
  • - Fog Lights (if applicable)
  • - Side Mirrors
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Paint Protection Film

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What our clients think

Very confident in his work

Mario gave me the run down on my GT350. Very down to earth guy, fellow car enthusiast of course! He knows what he is talking about and is very confident in his work and it showed! The team at E1 did an AMAZING job! Could not have asked for more from these guys , would definitely recommend them and I will be going back for more work for sure!

Alex Chavez
- Ford GT350

a phenomenal job

Mario, Chris, and Aaron did a phenomenal job on the G wagon and Performante. I look forward to bringing them more vehicles in the near future. Highly recommend these guys for detailing, clear bra, PPF, and most importantly ceramic coating.

Hussain Feroz
- Mercedes G Wagon

The guys at E1 are life savers.

Mario and the guys at E1 AutoSpa are life savers. I took my vehicle to them after another detailer totally messed it up trying to install ceramic coating. They not only corrected the spots and scratches that the other guy left in my car's finish, they reinstalled the ceramic coating at a very reasonable price. The honesty, professionalism, and work ethic of the E1 team are all top-notch. I would refer anyone that wants a professionally done ceramic coating to go see Mario at E1 AutoSpa. Thanks Guys!


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